Our range of Bicycles


Core Design Features

Aero Cable Management

Cable paths are engineered, from the lever to the brake or derailleur, to reduce aerodynamic drag with no sacrifice in performance.


BBright increases system stiffness and reduces frame weight while allowing for a large range of crank compatibility in a modern press fit system.

Carbon Dropouts

Tough, compression-molded dropouts save weight with no sacrifice in strength versus traditional metal dropouts.

Dropped Down tube

Positioning the down tube perfectly saves drag on the system by taking into account the interaction between the front wheel and the frame.

Evolved Steerer Design

Different frame designs call for different steerer dimensions. We use the right dimension in the right application.

Extended Seat Tube Cutout

A close-fitting curve in the seat tube trailing edge shields the leading edge and top of the rear wheel significantly improving aerodynamics.

Future-Proof Cable Management

Future-Proof Cable Management ensures your frame is compatible with all current and future derailleur and brake systems.

Partial Seat Tube Cutout

A close-fitting curve in the seat tube partially hides the rear wheel improving aerodynamics with no weight penalty.

Reduced-Friction BB Guide

Smooth shifting that is easy to set up is no accident. Designing shifting requires a detailed approach. Small details have a huge impact.

Shaped for Bottles

Drinking is something that every rider needs to do. Taking this into account during design results in a faster overall package.

Shielding Seat Stays

Hiding the rear brake from the wind, not from the mechanic. Properly formed seat stays hide the brake and improve air flow over the calliper.


A library of shapes that combine the attributes of a square and an oval to achieve an ideal balance of stiffness, weight, and aerodynamics.