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Want to get *out-there*. I mean really get away from it all? Is your idea of a fun weekend, (or a fun 3 years) loading the bike up with everything you need and just hitting the trails? Then the B.N.T. may be what you're looking for.

Named after the Australian Bicentennial National Trail  that stretches an extraordinary 5,330 kilometres from Cooktown in tropical North Queensland, to Healesville in Victoria.

The B.N.T. is festooned (I've been dying to use that word), with all manner of mounts. fenders, racks, multiple bottle cages. And the geometry is perfectly tweaked to work equally fine with drop flared bars and flat bars.

Tyre clearance for up to 2.5" tyres on 29er rims make this a true go anywhere adventure touring machine.

Want to go gravel grinding? the BNT is equally at home knocking out the long hard fast miles on dirt roads. Chuck on 700x32c tyres and smash it up, or fit some 700x28's and really nail some speed. The BNT is the touring bike you have... when you don't want *just* a touring bike.

  • now standard with Muru rocker dropouts and belt drive seatstay joiner
  • The new ZS44 headtube means that you can run either straight or tapered steerers with ease.
  • cable guides for both Rohloff and regular deraileur cable runs.

135/10, 142/12 or Rohloff inserts available with Rocker dropouts.

All Muru frames use "open" cable guides. This means that there are no cable "stops" at any point on the frame. This allows you to run full housing all the way from the shifters to the deraileurs (or Rohloff as the case may be).

If running a front deraileur, please ensure that you select a front deraileur that has the cable stop built in.