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General Service 95.00
Check tyre and tube condition
Check chain condition
Check and adjust gears
Check and adjust brakes
Check and adjust headset
Check and adjust front and rear cones
Check and tighten cranks and pedals
Check bottom bracket
Lubricate all working parts
Minor wheel buckles
Test ride
Race Service 150.00
In addition to the General Service the following:
Complete wash and degrease in the "River City Cycles Wash Tub"
Check all nuts and bolts for tightness
Buff and gloss finish using silicone spray
Full Service 225.00
In addition to the Race Service the following:
Check and re-grease front and rear hubs
Check and re-grease headset
Check and re-grease bottom bracket
Remove and check wheel axels


Schedule Services  
General 95.00
Race 150.00
Full 225.00
Juvenile 50.00
Basic Adjustment  
Adjust gears 18.00
Adjust brakes 18.00
Adjust headset 12.00
Adjust cones (F) 12.00
Adjust cones (R) 16.00
Specific Adjustments  
Lube cables- Gear 24.00
Lube cables- Brake 24.00
Adjust & lube headset 30.00
Adjust & lube cones (F) 20.00
Adjust & lube cones (R) 25.00
Adjust bottom Bracket 20.00
Remove, lube and refit BB 35.00
Wheel Specific Service  
True & tension wheel 25.00
Replace spoke 25.00
Replace Tube (F) 8.00
Replace tube (R) 10.00
Glue Tubular (glue incl.) 40.00
Glue 2 tubular (glue incl.) 50.00
Glue tubulars $ from RCC 10.00
Lacing & True front 60.00
Lacing & True rear 70.00
Lacing & True exotic 80.00
Insurance Nil
For repair 20.00
Head stem 12.00
Forks- includes cutting 40.00
Computer RCC supplied 10.00
Other 25.00
Standard Bars RCC supplied
(bar tape re-wrap included)
Other 45.00
Fit cassette 10.00
Bicycle fit 100.00
Saddle RCC supplied Nil
Other 15.00
Bar Tape RCC supplied 8.00
Other 15.00
Fit crankset   20.00
Bicycle frame / fork / wheels 30.00
Drive Train
 - chain/cassette/chain rings
 - front rear derailluers
Combination of above
(included in Race / Full service)
Tap and Face B B 60.00
Reem Head Tube 75.00


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