Cervelo S3 Voted Best Professtional Team Bike

Cervelo Takes Sixth Consecutive "Cyclingnews" Best Team Bike

Cervelo S3For the sixth consecutive year Cervelo has taken out the Cyclingnews reader poll for "Best Proffestional Team Bike". Cervelo has created a legacy with its S series bikes, starting back in 2004 with the SLC-SL. Just as in previous years, the S3 certainly wasn't the lightest bike in the running with a frameset weight of around 1,050g. Though as company owners and engineers Gerard Vroomen and Phil White have been preaching since the early days of the aluminium Soloist, aerodynamic performance can be more important than mass reduction in most racing situations.

"I think the appeal of the S2/S3 series is that it works. plain and simple".

Vroomen told Cyclingnews upon hearing the news.

"Unlike many aero bikes, it's not aero to the detriment of other attributes - it is one of the experience in engineering aero road bikes help tremendously there. Thats why the team uses it in the mountains, in sprints, onth the cobbles and everywhere really."

"I think the Cyclingnews poll also indicates that consumers are tires of the endless 'new and improved' song and dance. There are many companies that put out a new model each year (or even two a year) that is again x% better than the previous one, and the people are just not buying it. Here at Cervelo we say, this is the best bike we can make were not going to claim it's 'all new' this year when it isn't and when where was no reason to change anything.

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